Saturday, 24 April 2010

"The Sunday Post"

I've somehow managed a whole week with no blog action... what have I been up to!?
Well, the first half of the week saw the finishing off of my batch of work for Stroud International Textile Festival. The festival runs from 1st - 23rd May, and I can't wait to head back over for a good peruse! The three weeks will hold host to numerous exciting events and lovely work displayed and for sale in various venues around Stroud town centre.

I ventured to my first wedding in a while yesterday, in my lovely village; the sun was shining, the champagne was flowing, and the ceremony and bride were beautiful! I then popped back home totally in the mood for making lighthouse and blue 'mussels' tea towels, getting prepared for Summer!

My final bit of Sunday info for you, is the official announcement of the Selvedge Summer Fair... with fantastic textile makers such as The Black Rabbit and Eloise Grey, it will be a fantastic event, which I'm so looking forward to being part of, and hosted by the lovely Selvedge ladies!

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