Thursday, 22 July 2010

Home & Gift 2010

My first trade fair, a 4 hour drive up to Harrogate, battling the infamous Harrogate traffic, and finally arriving at my stand in the Intro North hall, it all began looking a little like this...

...and ended up looking more like this... (see below!) To have my own stand, and almost more like a 'mini-shop' was unbelievably exciting. Once I'd got it looking how I'd envisaged I headed back to my home for the next few days to get some much-needed rest, in preparation for my 4 days of fair action!

Hall E (Intro North) was wonderful, full of inspirational products and people. Making their way round the maze of Home & Gift halls was a wide range of independent shop owners and proprietors, and representatives/designers/buyers from larger stores, the diversity was great, and the amount of interest received in the whole of our hall was amazing! I've made lovely new friends and contacts, and am now considering my next trade fair... once I'm a little more rested might I add! So until then, and to all my new trade fair buddies... I hope you continue to have a fantastic week x

Sunday, 11 July 2010

"The Sunday Post"

Hello and welcome to another post at the end of a manic week! This weekend I am painting each piece of furniture for the Home & Gift Fair, in a delicious white! After masking-taping a 2x1m area in our living room to figure out my space and things I will need for my stand, it now all feels like it is slowly coming together :) my Sunday is set to include more painting, (second and third coats in some cases) ...but at least after the rain we had last night the weather is holding it together!

(drumroll please......!)
Exciting news from the Charlotte Macey Textiles camp this week - on Friday I discovered my egg cosies on the Emporium page of the August issue of COUNTRY LIVING!!! It is currently out to subscribers in the post, and is in shops on Monday... so take a look when you get your copy! It made my week, and I'm still reeling from the excitement of it all!

Moving swiftly on... just a quick note to say that I have new natural beach hut napkins in my web shop. Made from a lovely natural cotton, these are perfect for a wedding gift or even a summer treat! I hope you enjoy :)

Next Saturday I will be making my way up to Home & Gift in Harrogate, so will post a full update from the event when I return on Wednesday... or Thursday morning depending on traffic/necessity of sleep! Until then, have a wonderful week x

Sunday, 4 July 2010

"The Monday Post"

Good morning! My weekly catch-up has resorted to a 'Monday Post' again... how do these weekends get away from me!? This week I have been hard at work on my Christmas range, to be launched at the Home & Gift trade fair in Harrogate in a mere couple of weeks. Not long now! So the studio has been a hive of festive activity, with fabrics, samples, and sketches all over the shop. I also went on a bit of a photography spree on Saturday, capturing some of the wonderful Summer flowers and plants, thought I would share a couple with you, I hope you like them! And now back to the Christmas-making frenzy... it feels a little strange trying to feel festive when it is so lovely and blue-skied out! Happy July everyone :) I shall leave you with this link to my web shop... catch up with my latest press/news, or have a browse through my current range! x