Sunday, 11 July 2010

"The Sunday Post"

Hello and welcome to another post at the end of a manic week! This weekend I am painting each piece of furniture for the Home & Gift Fair, in a delicious white! After masking-taping a 2x1m area in our living room to figure out my space and things I will need for my stand, it now all feels like it is slowly coming together :) my Sunday is set to include more painting, (second and third coats in some cases) ...but at least after the rain we had last night the weather is holding it together!

(drumroll please......!)
Exciting news from the Charlotte Macey Textiles camp this week - on Friday I discovered my egg cosies on the Emporium page of the August issue of COUNTRY LIVING!!! It is currently out to subscribers in the post, and is in shops on Monday... so take a look when you get your copy! It made my week, and I'm still reeling from the excitement of it all!

Moving swiftly on... just a quick note to say that I have new natural beach hut napkins in my web shop. Made from a lovely natural cotton, these are perfect for a wedding gift or even a summer treat! I hope you enjoy :)

Next Saturday I will be making my way up to Home & Gift in Harrogate, so will post a full update from the event when I return on Wednesday... or Thursday morning depending on traffic/necessity of sleep! Until then, have a wonderful week x


  1. Wow you know you've made it when you get into country living, I'm jealous! You'll have o frame it


  2. I saw the egg cosies in Country Living on Friday! Congratulations!

    Also good luck in Harrogate.

  3. Thank you :) I'll let you know how it goes. And yep, buying at least another copy tomorrow for framing purposes!

  4. I saw your cosies in Country Living, they look great and came to take a look at your site. Your tea towels are amazing.