Monday, 29 March 2010

'coffee beans'

The 'coffee beans' are finally here! My new 'coffee beans' cosy is available in two sumptuous colourways, mocha and cream. I'm so pleased and excited to add them to my range, I hope you like them too. Both hand made from beautiful linen and individually stitched, to view details of the two cosies in my shop click here.

P.S. If you have friends who also like stitching, wonderful fabrics, and general textiles-type talk, plus a bit of food thrown in for good measure, do pass on the link to my blog,

Sunday, 28 March 2010

"The Sunday Post" - Country Living Edition!

Good morning folks!
After a good lie-in this morning I awoke fresh and full of renewed vigour, after my trip to the Country Living Spring Fair yesterday. My legs are aching from the 8 hours of walking and making our way through the swarms of shoppers, but I loved taking in the Eastery feel of all the stands, and above is a prime example, by Laura Long - a lovely but simple and effective looking stand, and of course Laura's work is gorgeous too.
This week I'm working on two new designs, one cosy and a fresh new tea towel, keep your eyes peeled. Yes the tea towel was meant to have come into fruition by now, but orders took over! Lots of Sunday sewing ahead of me today :) I hope you are having a fantastic weekend, x

Thursday, 25 March 2010

hot cross buns...

This week I have a currently unsatisfied craving for hot cross buns, however being wheat intolerant I have not had much luck on my search. Fortunately my Twitter pals have been most helpful, and pointed me in a few good directions (thank you!)
Here is a little info quoted from the Times Online, about the history of hot cross buns...

"Hot cross buns are small festive breads eaten on Good Friday in Britain; a few bakers still use old-fashioned production methods."

I am working on several orders this week, including one for a lovely shop in Guernsey called Evie & Me, who are needing a replenishment of tea towels! Whilst also doing bits and pieces for Stroud International Textile Festival. It's all go here in the studio, and I'm looking forward to my weekend expeditions coming up... the Country Living Spring Fair this weekend, and my mini trip to Cornwall for Easter, x

Sunday, 21 March 2010

"The Sunday Post"

Pheeeew - made it to the end of the week and to a glorious Sunday... I am surrounded by mountains of tea towels, and there has been much ironing, washing, and sewing of tea towels this week. I'm busy preparing stock for the Stroud International Textile Festival 1st - 23rd May, where I will have work for sale at the two main festival exhibition venues and the Made in Stroud shop in Stroud town centre!
And have finally got around to re-doing my tea towel display; being rolled and tied with a simple piece of string means the tea towel can easily be unrolled to view the whole design, and involving far fewer ironed creases, excellent news.
Keep your eyes peeled this week as I have new designs coming to my shop! But for now my lips are sealed :) have a great week everyone!

Friday, 19 March 2010

hearts, hearts, hearts... and cake!

Continuing along the theme of hearts I thought it would be apt to post a picture of the monstrously-sized 'salmon-feast' that we made for Mothers Day. The beast was complete with pastry hearts, looked super-delicious, and was! We munched for hours, til we couldn't fit in another morsel. And then moved onto dessert :)
Yesterday I listed my new 'cake' card in my Folksy and Misi shops... perfect for birthday's and all cake-related occasions, each card is hand illustrated, is £2 (or £8 for 5 - technically one free!) I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

FREE 'dotty heart' tags!

To celebrate the arrival of Spring I am doing a little special offer on my website... every order placed before 10am on Wednesday 31st March will receive a FREE pack of hand illustrated 'dotty heart' gift tags! Perfect for decorating all those Easter goodies, pop over and have a browse through my range of textile home and kitchenwares..., x

Monday, 15 March 2010


I'm developing a bit of a print obsession at the moment, and have just spotted this amazing print by Rob Ryan on Etsy. I just had to share it with you all...

It is called 'Other Planets Cannot Be As Beautiful As This One' and I think it's fantastic!
The second part of my Monday print-fest is the lovely piece I bought last week from Sally Boyle on Folksy...

This one is called 'Little Red Riding Hood' and it is now adorning my bedroom wall. Lastly, exciting news regarding Stroud International Textiles Festival 2010 and my work coming very soon!!

Saturday, 13 March 2010

"The Sunday Post"

wine glasses tea towelHappy Mothers Day everyone! After a mass baking sesh yesterday (some good results, some not so good!) the big day is here, and I've just got time to write a quick post before the festivities commence! The pic above is of one of my two new tea towels... the first one is my 'wine glasses' cotton tea towel, available now on my website and in my Folksy shop, check it out along with my new linen tea towel... 'ten green bottles' (see below). I hope you like them, and if you have any feedback I'd love to hear from you! Have a wonderful Mothers Day, I'm off to make some delicious lunch-type-treats! x

Friday, 12 March 2010

Folksy Friday...

I decided it was finally time, being a Folksy seller and a blogger, that a 'Folksy Friday' post graced my blog! So here is my weekly selection of my favourite illustration-type-gifts...

From top to bottom, designs from: Dee Beale, Red Hares gocco screen print, £20; a little addition from my range of illustrated cards, Charlotte Macey Textiles, Spotty Eggs, pack of 5 cards, £8; Mengsel, Moka Express screen print in dark green, £35. x

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

some Wednesday excitement...

I am pleased to announce my lovely new stockist in Hove ~ Florian ~ pop in if you are in the area, my goodies should be arriving with the ladies of Florian today! They will be stocking a range of my homewares, from spotty cushions to egg cosies :)
I have been adding new coffee cosies to my website in the past couple of days, and here they are, ...small 'coffeeee' cosies in oatmeal and navy linen and cotton, perfect as presents for all your favourite coffee drinkers!

Sunday, 7 March 2010

"The Sunday Post"

I'm writing today from a very sunny and warm studio... the wind is super-chilly outside, but indoors it is very easy to pretend that Spring is on it's way! This week I have been working on an order for a new stockist in Hove, and will give you more details of this shortly :) other than that I have been in the wars, chasing plastic bags (don't even ask!), and falling over, basically equalling lots of ibuprofen... oh dear!
Being listed for the first time today is the first item from my new range 'jugs', is my spotty jug tea towel... Spring-like and fresh with white spots on a natural tea towel. I'll be getting this pretty new item up on my website a little later today, but here's a little taster...

Here's to a good and productive week ahead, I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend, and I'll catch up with you all very soon! x

Monday, 1 March 2010

Happy 1st March!

The perfect treat for you and your family this Easter - a set of 4 egg cosies - each set comes with one of each of my cosy designs, for your family members to choose from/fight over! For cosy eggs this Easter this makes a wonderful gift (and a set of 4 works out cheaper than individual cosies!) Pop over to my website to have a look at my cosy range in all their glory! Happy Monday x