Thursday, 25 March 2010

hot cross buns...

This week I have a currently unsatisfied craving for hot cross buns, however being wheat intolerant I have not had much luck on my search. Fortunately my Twitter pals have been most helpful, and pointed me in a few good directions (thank you!)
Here is a little info quoted from the Times Online, about the history of hot cross buns...

"Hot cross buns are small festive breads eaten on Good Friday in Britain; a few bakers still use old-fashioned production methods."

I am working on several orders this week, including one for a lovely shop in Guernsey called Evie & Me, who are needing a replenishment of tea towels! Whilst also doing bits and pieces for Stroud International Textile Festival. It's all go here in the studio, and I'm looking forward to my weekend expeditions coming up... the Country Living Spring Fair this weekend, and my mini trip to Cornwall for Easter, x

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