Sunday, 21 March 2010

"The Sunday Post"

Pheeeew - made it to the end of the week and to a glorious Sunday... I am surrounded by mountains of tea towels, and there has been much ironing, washing, and sewing of tea towels this week. I'm busy preparing stock for the Stroud International Textile Festival 1st - 23rd May, where I will have work for sale at the two main festival exhibition venues and the Made in Stroud shop in Stroud town centre!
And have finally got around to re-doing my tea towel display; being rolled and tied with a simple piece of string means the tea towel can easily be unrolled to view the whole design, and involving far fewer ironed creases, excellent news.
Keep your eyes peeled this week as I have new designs coming to my shop! But for now my lips are sealed :) have a great week everyone!

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