Friday, 30 April 2010

Bank Holiday :)

Just a little note on this grey and rainy Friday afternoon to say, I hope you all have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend. Indoor activities may be on the cards, but hopefully it'll be wonderful and relaxing nonetheless!
If you are in the Stroud area, the Stroud International Textile Festival starts tomorrow. It promises to be jam-packed with a vast array of textile talent, so I'll be popping over to have a look around, and get some photos of my work which will be for sale as part of the festival :) happy weekending peeps! x

Saturday, 24 April 2010

"The Sunday Post"

I've somehow managed a whole week with no blog action... what have I been up to!?
Well, the first half of the week saw the finishing off of my batch of work for Stroud International Textile Festival. The festival runs from 1st - 23rd May, and I can't wait to head back over for a good peruse! The three weeks will hold host to numerous exciting events and lovely work displayed and for sale in various venues around Stroud town centre.

I ventured to my first wedding in a while yesterday, in my lovely village; the sun was shining, the champagne was flowing, and the ceremony and bride were beautiful! I then popped back home totally in the mood for making lighthouse and blue 'mussels' tea towels, getting prepared for Summer!

My final bit of Sunday info for you, is the official announcement of the Selvedge Summer Fair... with fantastic textile makers such as The Black Rabbit and Eloise Grey, it will be a fantastic event, which I'm so looking forward to being part of, and hosted by the lovely Selvedge ladies!

Sunday, 18 April 2010

"The Sunday Post"

What a beautiful weekend! (for those of us lucky enough to be down south that is!) I hope you have all had a well-earned rest, and are raring to go for the week ahead. The latest from the studio is the snazzy new coat of paint my walls have had in the past few days... closing on Friday to paint, my walls have left behind a terracotta-type pink, and are now a fresh off-white, I'm excited to start work in my 'new and improved' studio!

I'll be taking my work over to Stroud this week ready for the Stroud International Textile Festival, beginning on 1st May, and cannot wait to see my work in the Made in Stroud shop, and at the other festival venues for the three week period. In the meantime, if you haven't had the chance to read my interview at The Creative Place blog (thank you Ashley!), then do have a little look!

I hope to catch up with you in the week with some new 'Summery' designs... see you soon! x

Thursday, 15 April 2010

The Creative Place

Charlotte Macey Textiles is guest featured today on The Creative Place; check it out to see my little interview, spilling the beans on things such as my inspiration, background, and my goals. I am also hosting a giveaway in conjunction with The Creative Place... by following my blog you could be in with the chance to win a hand made egg cosy! So follow my blog, and head over to The Creative Place to read all the goss in my guest feature... Thank you to everyone who is already a follower, and Happy Thursday! x

Sunday, 11 April 2010

"The Sunday Post"

Happy Sunday! I hope you have found fitting activities this weekend for the lovely sunny weather. I stepped out in my shorts for the first time since last year, and it was highly liberating. No more layer upon layer of clothing, combined with multiple socks... the flip flop season is back! (fingers crossed at least). I spent sunny hours in the garden, walking around town watching people sip their morning coffees outside cafes, and paid my first visit to my local beer garden. It's been a lovely week and weekend so far.
On my rounds in Bristol I spotted some wonderful paintings in a gallery I passed... above is a small sample of the brush strokes of Dan Parry Jones, currently exhibiting at Cube Gallery, Bristol. Reminiscent of Summer, I think his style of painting is particularly apt, as the sky is blue, and the smell of Summer is in the air... have a lovely week, x

Friday, 9 April 2010

Folksy Friday...

Hello and happy Friday! To celebrate the end of the week, and the return of the sun, here are my top fave 'ceramic-type' Folksy items. First up is this 'Spotty Pouring Bowl', £20 from Penny Spooner Ceramics. I quite simply love it. I when I eventually need a pouring bowl, this is at the top of my list...

Next up is 'Doily Cake', a set of 4 ceramic tile coasters with a doily design, £15 from Junkyard Chic. So simple, yet so cute, and also pretty retro...

Another favourite of mine from Folksy are these porcelain watering cans, £25.00 from Caroline Nash Crafts. Perfect decorative cans for your home, these are adorable...

And last but not least, from another Folksy Caroline, this lovely jug, £12 from Caroline Green Pottery. Perfect for cream or milk, simply decorated with tiny porcelain dots, and with a soft blue glaze inside...

And that's it from me today, I'm off to sew some cushions, to co-ordinate with this lovely weather, I shall be sewing aptly themed 'beach huts'! Until next time... x

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Stroud International Textile Festival 2010

"The 2010 festival doors will be opening in 22 days time on May 1st. It is one of the Cotswold’s most prestigious cultural events featuring exhibitions, talks, workshops, events and a 2 Day Conference.
The festival’s reputation for excellence and high quality programming has grown and 2010 is no exception. Some of the UK’s most exciting and innovative artists, writers and speakers are taking part this year. They will be joined by Cork Textile Network and Makers representing the Scottish Highlands."

The flyers and brochures have been released, and Stroud International Textile Festival 2010 will open it's doors on 1st May... held at venues in and around Stroud, the festival looks to be a delightful 3 weeks!
My work will be for sale at the two main festival exhibition venues and in the Made in Stroud shop in Stroud town centre.

"the Stroud International Textile Festival will be exhibiting in the Made in Stroud shop. You will see work by some of the UK’s very best textile artists who have been selected from the host of nationally acclaimed designer-makers who are participating in this year’s Festival."
If you are in the area, pop in and have a peep at my tea towels, cosies, and cushions in the flesh!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

freshly cut grass

I sniffed my first bit of freshly cut grass of the year today... it's one of my favourite smells, and therefore deserved a small blog mention, as a significant milestone in the seasons! The fresh smell served as a reminder that Spring is here, and that Summer is on it's way (even though the snow keeps on returning to some of us!), and I am getting excited about the warmer months. Inspired from my visit to Cornwall at the weekend, I have refreshed inspiration, and am working on ideas for new sea-themed designs ready for the Summer, which I will keep you posted about! Have a wonderful Wednesday, x

Sunday, 4 April 2010

"The Sunday Post"

Hello and Happy Easter! I hope you are all having a wonderful bank holiday weekend. My day started with chocolate eggs for breakfast, which led to a general feeling of sickness as more chocolate was consumed throughout the day :) but it has been a fantastic and relaxing weekend, spent down in sunny Cornwall with friends and family. I am now feeling super-refreshed and keen to start some work, after a little bit more resting tomorrow... Easter Monday will hopefully be involving pancakes, mini eggs, egg painting, egg rolling, and Robert Pattinson in 'Remember Me'. I can't wait. News of fresh new designs coming very soon :) in the meantime, check out my website and I will catch you all later, x

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Etsy Item of the Day

Etsy Item Of The Day
A big thank you to Jackie at Etsy Item of the Day! She has featured my egg cosies and other items from my shop on her website, and has been tweeting all week :) click on the link above to see Jackie's feature about my shop.
I am preparing for a well-earned rest this weekend, more than probably involving chocolate and lots of food, very exciting! My usual 'Sunday Post' blog will be on it's way on Easter Sunday, but until then, Happy Easter and have a lovely bank holiday weekend!