Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Country Living Spring Fair 2012

We are back from the Country Living Spring Fair, exhausted (hence why it has taken 3 days to get around to writing this post!) but very happy. I was so pleased with how the stand looked and felt very proud as I arrived each morning. It was like having my very own shop, albeit a mini one!

The reactions to my work from visitors to the fair was also wonderful, and I met so many lovely people over the five days, from people visiting the fair, to followers on twitter and lots of already familiar faces too.

After a fantastic 5 days we are now back on home turf, and although London was great, it is good to be home! We are now cracking on with trade orders and re-stocking for our next Spring fair... this Saturday! (31st March) 

We'll be scooting back to the big smoke for the Selvedge Spring Fair, a one day extravaganza, and we're very excited!

Sunday, 11 March 2012


Today's post is quite simply a dedication to the beautiful daffodil. In the midst of 'we-have-about-a-week-to-go-until-Country-Living' stress I took a few photographs of our second bunch of daffodils this year.

Bought with the buds still closed, they opened up today and are my favourite type - washed-out cream with a yellow centre. Subtle, pale and pretty!  

Sunday, 4 March 2012

All Hands on Deck!

This week in the studio has been all about starting to get prepared for the Country Living Spring Fair. Not long to go and being a little under the weather last week has not helped my preparation schedule. Fortunately I have a couple of amazing assistants (for when times get particularly busy, like now!) who have had their hands on deck too, and we've started to get things together ready for the '3 week Spring fair marathon' - as I'm fondly beginning to think of it (see previous blog post for our Spring fair schedule). 

We also had a small 'Friday giveaway' at the end of this week over on our facebook page, with the opportunity to win a couple of pairs of tickets to the Country Living Spring Fair Gala Evening on the 21st March. In the next week or so we will also have tickets to the fair up for grabs, so stay tuned! (Complimentary tickets valid every day except Saturday).

Alternatively if you are getting organised, booking train tickets to London and would like to get your ticket to the fair organised now, you can use code EXHCMT to get £1 off your ticket price. We look forward to seeing you there!