Sunday, 26 February 2012

Our Spring Fair Schedule

Whilst sewing lots of chickens, eggs and making our NEW wooden bunnies this week, we also have lots of exciting Spring fair announcements...

Spring at the Barn
Saturday 17th March, 10am - 5pm, free admission
Tithe Barn, Mells nr Frome, Somerset, BA11 3PN
Click here for more details and a list of lovely stallholders!

Country Living Spring Fair
21st - 25th March
Business Design Centre, London

If you would like to get an extra £1 off your ticket price, please use the code EXHCMT online or over the phone.

The Selvedge Spring Fair
Saturday 31st March, 10am - 5pm
St. Augustine's Church Hall, London, N6 5BB
Click here for more info!

We are so excited about all three of these fairs, so had better crack on with our bunny-making! Happy Sunday x

Sunday, 19 February 2012

my protégé...

I spent the last couple of days taking a small break with my family up in Cheshire. Orders were piling in, but my sanity was waning, so I grabbed a 48 hour 'rest' to rejuvenate!
We had a wonderful time walking, eating and relaxing but the highlight of the trip for me was helping my 8 year old goddaughter get to grips with her mini pink sewing machine...

She made lavender pillows and a cute lavender heart, and I gave her a few tips on how to use the machine. The only help I really gave her was in cutting out the heart shapes for the lavender heart, the rest she was getting pretty nifty at... it looks like I have a little protégé in my midst!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

bunnies and eggs...

Since Top Drawer in January I have made over 150 egg cosies. I knew there had been a constant stream of bunnies going from the sewing machine to being packaged up for their new homes, and lots of eggs, chickens and hearts being stitched, but I had no idea just how many... and quite frankly I am amazed!

So here are a couple of snaps I took whilst making lots more egg cosies this week... just in time for Valentine's Day and Easter! x

Sunday, 5 February 2012

let it snow...

Snowy scenes are greeting people all over the UK today, for us here in Gloucestershire the snow fell all yesterday afternoon and well into the evening...

I would describe our snow as a 'persistent sprinkling', although it was fairly deep on the roads by the time we attempted to head out for dinner in the evening...
Unfortunately for us (and our sledges - eagerly anticipating a run or two today) the snow was pretty much all gone when we woke up this morning. So until next time snow, my sledge and I are awaiting your return... x