Sunday, 19 February 2012

my protégé...

I spent the last couple of days taking a small break with my family up in Cheshire. Orders were piling in, but my sanity was waning, so I grabbed a 48 hour 'rest' to rejuvenate!
We had a wonderful time walking, eating and relaxing but the highlight of the trip for me was helping my 8 year old goddaughter get to grips with her mini pink sewing machine...

She made lavender pillows and a cute lavender heart, and I gave her a few tips on how to use the machine. The only help I really gave her was in cutting out the heart shapes for the lavender heart, the rest she was getting pretty nifty at... it looks like I have a little protégé in my midst!


  1. It looks like creativity runs in the family :D

  2. This is your reward! Its all worth while when the puddleducks join into your passion ♥Debi