Thursday, 22 July 2010

Home & Gift 2010

My first trade fair, a 4 hour drive up to Harrogate, battling the infamous Harrogate traffic, and finally arriving at my stand in the Intro North hall, it all began looking a little like this...

...and ended up looking more like this... (see below!) To have my own stand, and almost more like a 'mini-shop' was unbelievably exciting. Once I'd got it looking how I'd envisaged I headed back to my home for the next few days to get some much-needed rest, in preparation for my 4 days of fair action!

Hall E (Intro North) was wonderful, full of inspirational products and people. Making their way round the maze of Home & Gift halls was a wide range of independent shop owners and proprietors, and representatives/designers/buyers from larger stores, the diversity was great, and the amount of interest received in the whole of our hall was amazing! I've made lovely new friends and contacts, and am now considering my next trade fair... once I'm a little more rested might I add! So until then, and to all my new trade fair buddies... I hope you continue to have a fantastic week x


  1. Jacquie Cutler22 July 2010 at 11:44

    Brilliant Charlotte!! This is fantastic. Your stuff is just amazing. Take care lovely. Jacquie

  2. Fingers crossed for lots of orders... your work is beautiful!

  3. Eeek, I've already got a few... trying to get my head around it all, scary! And so much to catch up on, been away from my computer for 5 days! Thank you ladies x

  4. It looks wonderful Charlotte. Great to hear it has already led to orders for you.