Wednesday, 20 October 2010

the first frost

The first frost is here! For those of us whipping our gloves out and defrosting cars in the Cotswolds that is... and I suspect in a lot of areas around the UK today. I awoke to bright skies and frosty grass, and it deserved capturing. Our new 'pet' pheasant was also in attendance, in his usual perch, munching his way along the top of the hedge :) so here are a few frosty snaps, to record our first frost and a definite sign that winter is on the way... and it was so warm and sunny last week! x


  1. Gorgeous view to wake up to! :o)

    It's blinkin' freezing today....but was delicious coming back into a toasty warm house last night after collecting one of the boys! Def a LOT colder at night....felt almost arctic! :oO

    Have a fab day.....


    hello gorgeous xxx

  2. Beautiful photographs! Didn't know you wrote a blog as well - look forward to seeing more! x

  3. Good morning ladies! Yep indeed a very lovely view :) and such a beautiful morning. Quite enjoying the cold air... have great days! x

  4. Oh lovely pics, I love the cold weather it's a good excuse to wrap up warm, mmmmmm

  5. great excuse for some winter warming mulled wine! Or is it too soon Cheerrrlotte?

  6. I loved wearing my winter coat today, so nippy and fresh. I think November is an acceptable time to break open the mulled wine too ;) not long!