Sunday, 1 April 2012

Selvedge Spring Fair

Two trips to London in two weeks and lots of work to attempt to keep up with inbetween has left me a pretty tired girl, so here are a few snaps from the Selvedge Spring Fair yesterday, and I'm off to put my feet up! 

A lovely day and thanks to High Tea of Highgate for warming 
Earl Grey and delicious gluten-free cupcakes.

Wonderful stalls and stallholders at the fair...

My favourite stall of the day... Beyond France. One day half my house will look like this, beautiful linens, and great company too, thanks Maud!


  1. If I ever won the Lottery what fun it would be to just buy "everything" (sigh) xxxx

  2. Think you deserve that tea and cake. Your work looking great at Selvedge by the way...

    1. Thanks Melanie, it's one of my favourite fairs so I was really looking forward to it. Nose back to the grindstone now!

  3. Lovely stand... take a well deserved rest :0)

  4. oh no! I totally forgot to go to the Selvedge Spring Fair !!