Friday, 7 January 2011

it runs in the family...

Whilst rooting around under her bed yesterday my mum found a tea cosy made by my grandmother, depicting my dad's old Beetle! I never met my granny but she was apparently a lot like me and delighted in sewing, so I thought it only apt to show you the infamous and well-loved 'Beetle tea cosy'. It is a joy for me to see, as it is part of my family's sewing history and shows that stitch and tea cosy design in particular really does run in the family :)
My granny would often buy a piece of fabric on the way home from work and whip it up into a skirt to wear out in the evening - I only wish I was that good at making clothes!

Above: my new floral tea cups tea cosy. Below: a few of my cosies hanging behind my granny's vintage Beetle tea cosy, a little threadbare in places from years of love and use... x

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