Sunday, 5 December 2010

'We Make' Christmas Fair

As the rest of the country found themselves under mountains of snow all week I waited patiently for a little more than the few millimetres we did get... til Friday night that is! At half past nine it started snowing, the flakes got fatter, and knowing I had to be up at 4.30 the next morning to go to London I eventually managed to convince myself to go to sleep and see what it was like when I woke up...

The one night of the week I really needed it not to snow and I awoke to white roads, an icy car and thick, thick fog! At 5.30am my mum and I set off to the station, not realising how bad conditions were and how slow we would need to drive to get there, we consequently missed our train! At 6.15am the only logical thing seemed to be to drive to the next station to try and meet the train en route... at 6.51 realising that without a sat nav we had no idea where the station was in the town and had only 9 minutes to find it, I made a spur of the moment decision and zoomed off down the M4 towards Reading... fortunately we made our train from Reading to Paddington in good time (the first good thing to happen in the morning and by this time we'd already been up for a good 4 hours!)

We traipsed down the length of the Kings Road and made it successfully to Chelsea Town Hall, exhausted but pleased we had finally made it there! We had a wonderful day at our Christmas stall and met great people throughout the day, as well as managing to stock up on Christmas presents from the other sellers there. The hall teemed with people all day, with a queue forming for the opening at 11am and people still shopping at 5 when we closed!

As we headed home in the evening I couldn't resist a snap of the amazing Peter Jones Christmas 'curtain' of lights, it was spectacular!! x

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