Sunday, 6 May 2012

C A R D S : batch two!

This week our second (and final) batch of new card designs arrived fresh from the printers, and I'm more than happy! Getting designs printed was both exciting and a little bit nerve-wracking; waiting for the finished cards to arrive and knowing how my designs looked on the computer screen but wondering how they would translate when printed... I can fortunately say, they are a success!

From  chubby chickens  to  happy birthday  cards...

And  congratulations  cards to our quirky new design,  yachts ...

Each design is printed onto lovely matt (with a slight glossy sheen) card and comes with a 100% recycled brown envelope, which is pretty awesome too!

£2.80 + free p&p for a limited time on our website, so go and check them out!


  1. These are fabulous! Really quirky/cute designs - well done! Paula x