Sunday, 8 May 2011

Stroud International Textile Festival: Made in Stroud

2011's Stroud International Textile Festival has begun! This year's festival runs from 30th April - 22nd May and is so far proving to be (yet again) a wonderful success. I popped into the Made in Stroud shop on Kendrick Street to deliver some more stock and whilst I was there, had just enough time to fully browse the shop and the new goodies specially added for the duration of the festival...

As well as browsing the work available for the festival I was also delighted to spot my own work on display in a group in the very centre of the shop! Such a lovely, prominent position that of course I just had to take a few photos...!


  1. What a lovely shop!! Oh to be in Stroud! x

  2. oooh, it all looks so lovely! and what a bright cheerful shop. Every town should have a shop like that!


  3. yay! it looks so gorgeous on display like that! ;o)

    enjoy your week sweetie...


    hello gorgeous xxx

  4. oh, how we miss Stroud and its amazing energy and creativity! Hope the festival goes well, the shop looks great in your photos.