Sunday, 10 April 2011

I hate plastic bags...

After fighting with an array of plastic bags over the last week, in shops and packaging for this, that and the other, I decided it was time to write a post dedicated to the good old cotton shopper... reliable, reusable and most importantly, a whole lot better for the environment...

 Whilst on a bit of a browsing sesh I found this quirky little shopper, by Mr.PS. Cute.

I found these lovely zippered purses after exploring a beautiful Etsy treasury I was featured in this week (a selection of lovely vintage-inspired baking finds: bake me a cake as fast as you can). These purses are by Canadian-based pi'lo and their website is equally as beautiful. Although not specifically a 'cotton shopper' I think pi'lo is a shop well worth a mention.

And last but not least, as I am championing the joy of the cotton shopper - it scrunches down into your handbag, can be whipped out at a moments notice to carry groceries, shopping, anything bulky or heavy, or anything at all really - I thought I would add in one of the shoppers from my own range, this one is stitched with quirky wine glasses.

Have a wonderful sunny Sunday everyone! x


  1. I also hate plastic bags and love shoppers! I agree with everything you have said here, not to mention that they look so much prettier than a carrier bag!
    Emma :)

  2. My pet peev (however you spell that!) I am so with you and love it that you have highlighted the common problem... a plastic bag handed out at every moment.... ban them !

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